Water Damage, Water Removal, & Structural Drying

Water Damage Restoration

Get Help Fast & Protect Your Property

Water damage is a serious threat to your home or business. Not addressing the water damage quickly enough or failing to clean and dry all affected areas can result in unnecessary damage and can negatively affect the health of your indoor environment. Get the help you need fast with 24/7 emergency water damage response from Flash Restore.

We will actively work to protect your property from additional damage and mold growth. Our certified, qualified, and skilled technicians use a holistic approach for every water damage situation – not only will we clean up the water and dry your property, but we will go above and beyond to make sure your home or business is safe and healthy for you, your family, or your employees. You can feel confident knowing you have chosen the best, most thorough, and most qualified water damage restoration company when you choose Flash Restore.

Common Water Damage Causes

Identify the Source to Ensure Proper Cleanup

In South Florida, constant hard rain, tropical storms, and the occasional hurricane make us more vulnerable to roof leaks and flooding. Though these threats are common causes, water damage can also come from many other sources including sewage back-ups, toilet overflows and from your kitchen appliance connections.

The source of the water damage should be considered to ensure proper precautions are taken to restore your property to a safe and healthy environment. Extra care must be taken when dealing with sewage, floodwaters, and other contaminated water sources.

Regardless of the root cause of the water damage, it is important that the damage is treated quickly in order to prevent additional and more costly problems from arising. Get professional help today from our qualified team of water damage experts.

Our Water Remediation Services

Emergency Response Assessment and Action Plan

Water Extraction – Water extraction is the first step towards recovery after a leak, plumbing, or other water disasters. The sooner this process begins, the less likely additional damage, including mold growth, will occur. Commercial grade water extraction equipment is used to remove water and commercial grade dehumidifiers and air movers are utilized to create the perfect environment for drying. This process is monitored and measured daily.

Moisture Detection and Removal – With the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters, and our years of experience, Flash Restore will ensure the hard to detect water damage is identified and properly treated.

Structural Drying based on proven scientific technologies.

Microfiber Microbial Wipe Down – Anti-microbial solution is applied to the affected surfaces periodically throughout the drying process to help prevent mold, bacteria, and fungal growth.

Dehumidification Services & Moisture Mitigation – Commercial portable dehumidification equipment along with commercial air moving devices are installed and monitored on a daily basis to ensure safe and complete drying of building materials.

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