Helpful Hints for a Healthy Home

  1. Keep your shoes off! Shoes track chemicals and pesticides into your home, so take them off.
  2. Open your windows. Five minutes a week is enough to release vapors, bring in fresh air and promote ventilation.
  3. Moisture control = mold control. Mold thrives on water, so check condensation, dry up any flooding or wet areas immediately and make sure to vent appliances that produce moisture. Keep the humidity level in your house below 60%
  4. Clean spills and flooding immediately – mold begins to grow on wet surfaces within 24 hours.
  5. Don’t try to cover up mold with paint or caulk. Only fixing the source of the problem and removing the mold will prevent additional mold growth.
  6. Most fires are easily avoidable
    • Never leave pots or pans unattended on the stove
    • Keep the stove and oven clean – built up splatter and grease can ignite when the oven is turned on
    • Clean out the lint filter after each load and look for lint that has collected under and behind your dryer
    • Don’t smoke inside!
    • Check electrical cords and replace ones that are worn out
    • Don’t leave candles unattended

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