3 Facts Regarding Mold and Water Damage

  1. Flood water and other water that has caused property damage is not the same as rainwater.  Water damage is categorized by the level of pollution from the water source and the route the water took before causing the damage.  Although we may not want to think about it, the water in our damaged carpets, baseboards and drywall may include sewer backup, toilet overflow (including fecal matter), flooding from polluted rivers, streams or other bodies of water, and stagnant liquid.   The higher the water category (1 – 3), the more likely that damage is in supporting bacterial growth which may cause severe illness, or in some cases, even death.
  2. Don’t ignore (or even delay addressing) water damage, as it will only get worse.  Mold spores are everywhere, inside every home and every building, and wet carpet and drywall are the ideal breeding grounds for mold growth.  The sooner mold issues are addressed, the better (and less costly).
  3. Don’t bleach mold.  Growing up we were led to believe that bleach kills everything.  Wrong – bleach will not kill most types of mold.  Using bleach in an attempt to kill mold is dangerous for two main reasons.  First, most people do not take the necessary precautions when handling mold, thus oftentimes causing varying levels sickness.  Second, bleach is a water based solution and water is the primary nutrient for mold.  Yep, in most cases, using bleach is only going to help the mold grow.

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